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The Merge for Marriage

The Merge for Marriage

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Marriage can be surprisingly difficult.

Newly married couples face a tremendous challenges. And in our social media-driven world, it’s easy to think that everyone else has it together in their marriages and wonder if maybe you made a mistake. The truth is, most couples don’t enter marriage with the communication or attachment skills needed to deal with the integration of two lives.

The Merge for Marriage helps answer the question EVERY married couple will face: “Can we ever get on the same page?” Couples will learn

  • what it means to “merge” and the damaging effects of not dealing with differences early in a marriage;
  • the seven predictable areas of conflict;
  • a practical, powerful plan for dealing with differences with one’s partner; and
  • how to help another couple walk through the merge process.
  • Plus experience date night to help apply what they are learning right away
Full of practical stories, current research on connection and attachment, and enduring biblical principles, this book will help a couple learn how the different “merge points” in their marriage can actually strengthen their relationship so that they can enjoy a thriving marriage.